Stir Fry Meals

Designing high fiber, low calorie, delicious stir fry meals made from local small and mid-sized farms is a goal of Hometown Foods, LLC. Fiber is provided in our easy-to-make frozen meal kits by using cooked whole grain brown rice and three or four different kinds of frozen local vegetables. An ounce of strong flavored cheese and fresh spices creates the flavor in our Cajun Vegetable Cheese Medley. In our other stir fry meals we provide 2 oz. of local meat per person plus savory sauces for flavor.  

Our meal kits earn an A+ from our dietitian for design and for quality. We vacuum package individual ingredients. When we remove the air, we avoid dried out ingredients and ice crystal formation.  Large scale processors simply seal the top of their container thus resulting in a poor quality product by the time it finds its way into someone’s grocery cart.

Our “Cajun Vegetable Cheese Medley” stir fry provides two filling (12 oz.) servings with  220 calories, 7% sodium and 5 grams of fiber per serving. A high fiber meal stretches your outer stomach cells that then tell your brain you are full–especially if you chew the food well. A meal with little fiber from lots of sauce and white rice tells your brain you need to eat more.  Eating those extra calories can lead to weight gain.

Below is a “how to” video clip using our “Healthy Saute” cooking process (learned from the World’s Healthiest Foods website to prepare this meal.

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