Organic Cut Green Beans

Organic Cut Green Beans
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Description:  These cut organic green beans are vacuum packed to maintain high quality to use creatively as you desire.

Unit Price:  $4.40 per lb.    

                     Two 4 oz. (one cup) packages.

Ingredients:  Organic cut green beans are sourced from United Natural Foods until local green beans are available at the end of June.

Nutritional Quality:  Green beans are on the World's Healthiest Foods website,  The carotenes in green beans equal those found in carrots and tomatoes.  Frozen and cooked beans retain 90% of their B Vitamins.  In addition, they have a "silicon" a mineral supportive of bone and connective tissue health.

Creative Cooking Ideas:  Cooked vegetable salads are easy to prepare when frozen vegetables are used.  Add our frozen cooked hulled barley and a variety of other color vegetables such as corn and carrots.  Toss with your favorite dressings for a colorful, healthy and tasty side dish.

Grocery Product Comparisons:  Supermarket offering range from 10 oz. bags to 16 oz. bags.  How many times have you used half of the bag and two months later had to throw out the ones you saved?  This will never happen again with our vacuum packaged product.  Prices range from $2.29 to $ 4.62 per lb. at the store.

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