Curried Butternut Squash Chowder

Curried Butternut Squash Chowder
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Homemade soup like Grandma used to make!  However, it does not take two hours, just 20 minutes!  Our mild curry sauce transforms a simple butternut squash taste to a taste treat from a foreign land.  An extra spice packet lets you season the soup to satisfy your family’s preferences.


1.Butternut Squash 

2. Cooked Organic Black 

3. Organic Vegetable Broth (Water, Onions*, Carrots*, Green Beans*, Zucchini*, Garlic, Oregano, Bay Leaves, All 

4. Organic Corn, 

5.  Curry Sauce (Organic Yellow tomato*, Organic Onion*, Brown Sugar, Water, Olive Oil, Curry Powder, Worcestershire Sauce, Hot Sauce, Spices), 

6. Consumers need to add one cup of milk.*NY ingredients.

A separate Spice Packet (Curry Powder) is included to allow the cook to make a stronger flavor or add more ingredients  Consumers need to add one cup of milk.*NY ingredients. to stretch the soup to serve more people.  See Creative Cooking Ideas below.


Net Wt:  The kit provides 28 oz. of ingredients.  When you add 8 oz. milk, you make four to five servings of soup.

Unit Price: $3.36/lb.

Nutritional Quality:  Vitamin A is the main nutrient in this soup.  Fiber from the black beans and corn is another plus.  Calcium from the added milk and protein from the beans makes this a nutritious choice.

Creative Cooking Ideas:  Leftover cooked vegetables are a simple addition to stretch this soup.  Using the extra spice packet and more milk could easily increase the servings.  If you used a cup of our frozen Barley, this soup could become a hearty main dish.

Grocery Store Comparisons:  There are some finished Butternut Squash soups on store shelves in cans and boxes.  The boxes have been sanitized with hydrogen peroxide before filling.  Canned soups may have plastic linings.  Most of these soups are a simple creamed soup with no added vegetables.  Prices range from $3.35/lb. to $2.34/lb.  No store has frozen and packaged local ingredients in a soup kit form.   Seven of our ingredients are from local farms.

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