Cooked Organic Basmati Brown Rice

Cooked Organic Basmati Brown Rice
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Frozen and vacuum packed organic brown rice is a product not available in the supermarkets.  The flattened cooked rice thaws quickly in the microwave to provide a base for stir fry meals, rice side dishes and soups.

Ingredients:  Cooked Organic Brown Rice

Unit Price:  $2.67/lb.

Net Wt: Two 1 cup (6 oz.) servings or 12 oz

Nutritional Quality:  Brown rice is one of the world’s most nutritious grains.  Visit (the World’s Healthiest Foods) to learn more.  It is an excellent source of manganese.  White rice has most of its nutrients removed with the bran to turn it white.

Creative Cooking Ideas:  Brown Basmati Rice is a staple in many country’s cuisines from China to India to Southern US cooking and more.   If you purchase our stir fry meals, buying extra rice to add to the meals can increase the number of people you can serve.

Grocery Product Comparisons:  The only “Ready to Serve” non-organic rice is from Minute Rice in an 8.8 oz. package at a cost of $4.16/lb.  Convenience has a stiff price tag.    Minute rice’s dry instant brown rice (non-organic) costs $2.73/lb. in a 14 oz. box.  Hannaford has a non-organic frozen cooked (not vacuum packed) long grain brown rice for $1.58/lb.  Uncle Ben’s instant, non-organic, Brown Rice is $3.07/lb.  Uncle Ben’s Boil in bag, non-organic, Brown rice is $2.50/lb. in a 14 oz. bag.

The only organic long grain basmati rice available at Hannaford is Lundberger’s dry rice for $2.99/lb.

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