Organic Asparagus Gems

Organic Asparagus Gems
Organic Asparagus Gems Organic Asparagus Gems Organic Asparagus Gems Organic Asparagus Gems Organic Asparagus Gems
Manufacturer: Hometown Foods, LLC
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This organic asparagus product is picked from the Hometown Foods garden, trimmed, cut, blanched, cooled, frozen and vacuum packaged the same day for a freshly picked flavor. 

Net Wt: Two 1 cup (5 oz.) pkgs. or ten ounces

Unit price:  $3.52/lb.

Ingredients:  Organic Asparagus

Nutritional quality:  Asparagus quality depends on how soon it is frozen after picking.  Asparagus has a high respiration rate causing it to be very perishable compared to other vegetables.   Freshly picked asparagus should be eaten within 48 hrs.  Asparagus is a great edible landscape plant for your house.  It grows back for years.  Asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin K and vitamin A.   Visit (the World’s Healthiest Foods) to learn more about the nutrients in asparagus.

Creative Cooking Ideas:  Frozen asparagus gems thaw quickly because they are sliced thin.  Add them to omelets, cooked vegetable salads or simply toss them into a vegetable soup at the last minute.

Recipes from HTF:   A simple recipe is to pan fry one cup of the frozen asparagus in a tsp. or two of chive butter.  When the asparagus is heated through add two to four well beaten eggs for a delicious omelet or scrambled eggs.

Grocery product comparisons:  Two frozen steamable non-organic asparagus products were found.  One, in an 8 oz. package, cost $4.38 per pound.  Another store brand steamable asparagus product cost $3.45 per pound.  Fresh asparagus cost $3.99 per pound.  However, the typical waste (tough stem) is 43%.  The real cost of the remaining 57% actually cost $9.28 per pound.   Of course, canned asparagus is also available but is seriously overcooked with a strong off flavor.

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