Harvest Kitchens

Our company offers members of our Harvest Kitchen Network the knowledge needed to design and process whole foods from local small and mid-sized farms and gardens to meet 21st century consumers’  health needs.

Harvest Kitchens offer consumers easy access to vacuum packed, frozen meal choices via internet ordering. We are currently working on an ordering site, processor training video clips and consumer food demonstration video clips.

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We have quite a creative bunch that uses Hometown Foods’ Harvest Kitchen. Here’s a short list:


Chef Jeff Loshinsky of Jeff Loshinsky Catering, sources ingredients from local farmers. Email: jeff.loshinsky@gmail.com 646 752 0677 (Above)

Gianni Iacono is a new caterer using this kitchen for  his Farm Table business.  Gianni is now from Germantown, NY 12526–917 353  6533 but brings his Italian heritage to his passion for cooking. His email is upstategianni@gmail.com (Below)

Gianni IaconoEggplant Parmesan

Jay SpicaNew Confectioner produces Vegan Ice Cream using fruits from local farmers.

Jay and Judy Spica



CATERING?  The Columbia County Health Department has approved HTF Kitchen for catering. pizza-with-butternut-squash-see-chef-jeff

  1. A Health Dept. license is required of catering renters.  The cost is $150 per year payable to the Columbia County Health Dept.
  2. Product liability insurance is needed.
  3. “Serve Safe” certification is required of the renter.

FOOD ENTREPRENEURSHIP?  Entrepreneurs with a DBA business registered at the Columbia County Courthouse, product liability insurance and appropriate Ag. & Mkts. licenses may rent the HTF Harvest Kitchen to produce fruit, vegetable and grain products for sale.  Our HTF Harvest Kitchen is an Ag. & Mkts.  20 c licensed kitchen.  Food business owners can apply to Ag. & Mkts. for their own, non-transferable, two year ($400) 20 c license in order to use this kitchen and sell their products on line or to stores or directly market to consumers.   Dairy inspectors work with ice cream businesses using this kitchen also.  Hard cheeses can be vacuum packaged here also.  Fresh meat processing must be done at a USDA inspected facility.

CANNING?  This means that canning recipes with scheduled process approval  from the Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship can be produced for sale at this kitchen.  Owner, Anna Dawson, has taken the acidified foods certification course provided by NECFE in Geneva, NY.   Food safety law requires the presence of someone with this training available to supervise production.  A canning entrepreneur should take their course also.  Anna can assist you in turning your favorite canned recipe into a scheduled process recipe for NECFE staff review.  Acidified foods include pickles and chutneys.  Naturally acid fruits can be canned.  Jams and jellies also are acid foods suitable for canning.

VACUUM PACKAGING?  Our Harvest Kitchen has a commercial vacuum packaging machine with a twelve inch seal bar and a 12″ x 12″ interior space.  The following products can be vacuum packaged here.  No scheduled process is necessary.

  1. Fresh hard cheeses or frozen hard cheese for cooked products
  2. Repackaged bulk dry foods–ex. rice, dry beans, lentils, pasta, nuts, seeds, flour, spices
  3. Frozen fresh produce,  cooked and frozen dry beans; cooked or soaked and frozen whole grains ex. cooked brown rice or hulled barley;  frozen butter
  4. Frozen savory sauces (ex. chili sauce) and fruit sauces–ex. blueberry rhubarb sauce

FREEZING?  Our HTF Harvest Kitchen has tray freezers with 15 trays in each.  We have two Arctic Air freezers with 1/4 horsepower motors that hold a temperature of -10 degrees F.  Frozen foods can be held in this freezer while packaging is being done.  Freezing time can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to freeze foods depending on the food.  Thin packages take less time to freeze than thick packages.  Freezing time is not a quality problem if foods are pureed since the cell walls are broken by the puree process.  In addition, we have an ultra low temperature freezer with 15 shelves that goes to -40 degrees F.  This equipment freezes foods quicker.  We also have an 8′ x 10′ walk in freezer.  Dry ice is available within a ten minute drive north or south of our location.  We also have insulated igloo coolers  for rent and insulated paper shipping boxes for sale.

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