Plant Strong Made EZ

Plant strong is defined as a lifestyle of eating low fat, whole, minimally processed foods with little or no animal products or highly processed foods. Hometown Foods strives to freeze and vacuum package local foods that adhere to this concept.

Vacuum Packaged, Frozen, “Plant Strong” Hometown Foods provide the following benefits.  They 

1.  Are easy to prepare for healthy eating at home.

2.  Reduce impulse grocery buys.

3.   Reduce hospitality stress when surprise guests arrive.

4.  Reduce farm and household food waste.

5.  Provide excellent food quality and taste.

6.  Become a useful gift for friends during stressful times.

7.  Stand on end neatly in your freezer.

8.  Are created by trustworthy neighbors.

9.  Come from ingredients grown on our local farms.

10.  Extend the “eating” season months after the harvest is over.

11.  Use less packaging than frozen grocery meals.

12.  Contain more nutrients and fiber with less sodium than frozen grocery meals.

13.  Are sustainably priced.

14.  Are designed to be low in fat, sugar, and salt in addition to being Plant-Strong (whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds)