Grocery Store Comparisons

LARGE SCALE PROCESSOR (Grocery Store Stir Fry Choices) 

Stir fry meals abound in the freezer section of supermarkets.  Single serving sizes range from 8 oz. to 13 oz.  

Unit prices range from $6 to $10 per pound.  

Sodium content ranges from 17% to 49% DV from added salt in sauces or other ingredients.  

Recently we examined a number of supermarket frozen stir fry meals to check their quality.  One is pictured below.

One local supermarket offers  ”Fresh Meal” stir fry options.  Of course, these meal components need to be used quickly like any fresh food.  Only 29% of one meal studied consisted of vegetables.  The rest of the meal (71%) consisted of sauce, starch (white rice) and meat.  Folks interested in a plant based diet would like to see these percentages modified since there is little or no fiber in meat, sauce or highly processed starch ingredients.