WANTEDMEMBERS FOR A LOCAL FOOD PRODUCTION & MARKETING COLLABORATIVE AT OUR HARVEST KITCHEN where farm and food entrepreneurs grow, source and use local foods to produce fresh, frozen, canned and/or baked healthy convenience foods using our licensed Harvest Kitchen. 

  • A 50′ heated greenhouse with water, Troybuilt  rototiller and garden tools (flame weeder, hoes, shovel, rakes, fencing, irrigation)
  • 10 acres of organic clay loam cropland with water and more acreage available nearby
  • a modern 1400 sq. ft. 20 c licensed Ag. & Mkts. Harvest Kitchen (also Columbia County Health Dept approved)
  • Dodge Caravan vehicle available for rent for deliveries and food pick up.
  • John Deere 48″  riding lawnmower capable of running a belt run rototiller
  • Farm/kitchen owner/operator with 50 yrs. of experience on site for assistance and training
  • Walk-in Freezer and Cooler on site
  • Rental housing available:  Four 2-BR units ($800/month), One 3-BR ($950/month), Three 1-BR apartments ($650-750/month)–Rent is paid by off farm job.
  • Garden/tool shed


  • FOR  SALE or RENT:  Next door neighbor selling two properties:  1.  a duplex (1990s)with two (3 bedroom) apartments for $150,000 with barn (80′ 2-story, 1940s) plus 5 acres. Live in one unit, rent the other to pay the mortgage  2.  A duplex farmhouse with two (3 bedroom apartments) plus two barns and ten acres $150,000.
  • Camp sites; foods classes; nutrient dense farmland improvements; hoop house creation

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