Anna Dawson, Farmer and Food Processor

Hi, my name is Anna Dawson. My passion for local food started as a farm kid, a part time farm operator and continued as a foods teacher for 26 years; a CSA farm worker and then farmers market food marketer.  Visit “Linked in” to learn more about my work experiences.

The Kitchen

In 1998, I designed a 1400 sq. ft. pole barn to house my current Harvest Kitchen concept. My goal was to create the healthiest meals made from small and mid-scale farmers’ unsold produce. Two NESARE grants supported my ideas.

Now in 2012 I have a variety of frozen and vacuum packaged meal kits and individual products that are healthier and higher quality than supermarket frozen foods. Visit our ordering site to see a few of the meal component possibilities.  My dream is to inspire and assist in the establishment of a Harvest Kitchen Network in rural and urban communities everywhere. The whole foods provided could have a profound effect on helping consumers avoid diet related diseases. These kitchens would also provide a small scale processing market for small and mid-scale farmers. Cooks, processors and consumers need to use their creativity to create new frozen meals with a “plant-strong” focus.


Our new online market provides individual product information: ingredient lists, product descriptions, unit pricing, nutrition information and suggested usage possibilities to empower consumers to make choices that fit their needs. We hope to add video clips of cooking demonstrations too. We even explore our large scale processor competition.

Our A+ meals are designed to provide flavorful profiles plus a focus on high fiber components from whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables while keeping our products low in sodium, added sugars and fats.  

Ordering on line is not possible at this time.  This website is not complete.  We sell our products currently at the NY, Hudson Farmers Market in the Hudson Valley on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  

Come and visit our Harvest Kitchen.  Feel free to call.  This is an idea virus we want others to catch.  

Our Mission:  Support the creation of the healthiest, highest quality, easy to prepare and reasonably priced frozen & vacuum packed foods.

Hometown Foods, LLC supports the education of farmers, food entrepreneurs and consumers to grow, design, process and  market frozen and vacuum packed local and regional products made from unsold small and mid-scale local and regional farmers crops to meet the convenience and health needs of today’s consumers via a nearby Harvest Kitchen.

Today’s Dietitian:

An article about Hometown Foods, LLC appeared in the September 2006 issue, written by Kindy Peaslee, RD, “Preserving the Taste of Yesterday to Meet the Health Needs of Today.

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